Caskets & Urns

We also offer a wide range of products, from beautiful memorial products to unique urns. If you have any questions about the items you see below, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Sentry Silver Casket
Sentry White Casket
Neopolitan Blue Spruce Casket
Ratlin Satin Fawn Casket
Cambridge Satin Golden Ivory Casket
Richmond Franklin Bronze Ebony Casket


Traditional Metal Urns

We offer a wide selection of metal urns, metal urns suit both conventional and unconventional preferences and stand out for their enduring appeal and sturdiness. The Victorian Night urn is a stunning dark charcoal made of cast aluminum and has a satin finish shown as an example.

Traditional Wood Urns

We offer a wide selection of traditional wood urns with stock or custom engraving options available. “The Regency” in a Cherry or Oak finish is shown as an example.

Environmentally Friendly Urns

We offer an entire line of environmentally friendly “green” urns, including biodegradable urns and urns made from pre-consumer up-cycled wood like the repurposed wood urn shown with a mosaic design.

Living Urns®

The Living Urn® is a bio urn and planting system crafted to cultivate a lasting memory as a tree, plant, or flowers using cremated remains. Cherish your loved one after their departure and remember the happiness, friendship, and love they provided. Keep their spirit alive and nurture a living tribute with The Living Urn®. Examples shown: The Living Urn Planter and The Living Urn® Tree.