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Welcome to Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home & Colorado Crematory in Arvada, CO

Whether you are pre-planning or have experienced the loss of a loved one, we thank you for visiting our website. We hope this site becomes a valuable resource for you.

Family-owned and operated, we have been serving people of all faiths and beliefs throughout our community since 2009. We are available every hour of every day to help you and your family.  Whether experiencing an immediate need following the death of a loved one, or pre-planning for yourself, our professional, caring staff is here to help. 


Our Google Reviews

Jean Powers
Jean Powers
Incredibly kind, and professional.
Jimmy Nigg
Jimmy Nigg
My friends father passed away and the person who was supposed to give the Eulogy at another funeral home cancelled. The other funeral home couldn't find anyone to replace the person they contracted, and we were left without a pastor 2 days before the service. I called Malesich and Shirey, and even though they weren't handling the service they were able to find us someone to speak at the very last minute. Shawn was super helpful, great to work with.
Anne Poos-Benson
Anne Poos-Benson
There are no words to express the Gratitude I have for Shawn and Tucker! With my dad passing it was difficult navigating how to handle every element of arranging his funeral. Shawn and Tucker were both so helpful every moment of the day if needed and even running a business it felt like they were truly looking out for my family and treating us with the most respect. They were so accommodating to anything we needed or wanted for my dads funeral. They are absolutely the best humans for treating people with so much care versus thinking only about what money they could get from us. I hope I don’t have to plan another service anytime soon but when the day comes I know who will be taking care of us! Thank you thank you to you guys for helping my family begin our closure with peace in knowing my dad was cared for so well, and you took care of us in our time of grief. Your very appreciated!!
Tarra O’Leary
Tarra O’Leary
Talk about going the extra mile and showing genuine love and concern for families dealing with so much grief. At no point did Tucker or Shawn try to upsell a single thing or take advantage of us like so many other funeral homes out there tend to do. If it’s possible to have a good experience going through a time like this, these guys will give you that. They work around the clock to make this easier and more tolerable for the loved ones left behind. Their prices are very fair and they are accommodating on all levels.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams
I didn't appreciate the misunderstanding. Thank you for your patience and making things right. I look forward to working together in the future.
Tessa Lucero
Tessa Lucero
Very compassionate during the process of a very sensitive time. We were requesting many details that required time and effort, Fred, Shawn & Tucker we’re very accommodating. Everything from beginning to end including the transportation services was great. Thank you all for going above and beyond for Sacreds memorial 🙏🏻
Di M.
Di M.
They were extremely helpful, sensitive, knowledgeable. They are also warm, caring, and so kind especially when you are hurting from the loss of a loved one. Their prices are incredibly reasonable. I have used their services twice and truly recommend talking with them before going somewhere else for funeral arrangements. Meet and talk with Donald.
Samuel Boggs
Samuel Boggs
This is without a doubt one of the best, most down to earth and fair funeral companies my family has ever had to work with. Truly great people. I would recommend Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home. They treat you like family.
Daniel Holmes
Daniel Holmes
Very quick, fair price, treat with the utmost respect for me and my family. They where polite and accommodating for my family's needs. I can not say enough about them.

Why Choose Us?

  • Local, Family-Owned Business: As an independently operated funeral home in Arvada, we are committed only to serving you – not shareholders or corporate management. We live and work alongside you and your family; and like you, we support local businesses in our community. It is an honor for us to help you celebrate your loved one’s life. It is our passion to help you through this experience.
  • Comprehensive Care: From the moment you reach out to us, we will be by your side. Our staff answers the phone 24/7, arrives to meet you and your family and personally transports your loved one to our care center. Our funeral directors are here to comfort and aid you. We proudly own and operate our own crematory so your loved one never leaves our care.
  • Complete Service Offering: There are unlimited ways to celebrate the memories of your loved one. Our compassionate, professional funeral directors can help plan everything from simple cremation to full service funerals, creating an experience unique to the life of your loved one.
  • Affordable Care: Our staff is non-commissioned – their only mission is to listen to you, show you available options, and provide what you ask for. We keep our costs low by working with local vendors, operating our own care center and sourcing creative solutions to memorialize your loved one. We pass these affordable solutions on to you as part of our service to the community.
  • We Welcome All Families Regardless of Financial Circumstances: Securing financial assistance through social services can be a complicated, and sometimes lengthy process, unique to counties and circumstances. We have the experience and relationships with local agencies to assist you with every piece of the necessary paperwork; all as part of our standard, top-quality care.

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