Honoring Our Veterans: Veterans Funeral Services in Colorado

Honoring our veterans is a privilege rather than a duty. In Colorado, we take this responsibility seriously, ensuring dignified funeral services for our veterans. At Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home & Colorado Crematory, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and respectful veterans funeral services tailored to honor the brave men and women who have served our country.

\This article introduces the veteran funeral services we offer at Malesich and Shirey. Our goal is to give an overview of Veterans Funeral Services in Colorado, helping people understand the different aspects related to veterans funeral services offered.

Understanding Veterans Funeral Services

veterans funeral services

Veteran funeral services are a noble tradition that pays respect to those who have served in the United States military. These services combine military protocols and personal preferences, creating a special and respectful celebration of the veteran’s life.

At Malesich and Shirey, we understand that every family has unique needs. Therefore, we offer customized military and veteran funeral services to ensure that each ceremony reflects the individual’s service and the family’s wishes. If you have any questions or special requirements, please call us at 720-242-6784.

Key Features of Veterans Funeral Services

Veterans funeral service often includes several key elements that honor the individual’s service and dedication:

Playing of ‘Taps’

‘Taps’ is a solemn bugle call that signifies the final salute. This piece of music is steeped in tradition and reverence, providing a poignant moment of reflection during the service. The playing of ‘Taps’ serves as a powerful tribute to the veteran’s dedication and sacrifice. This haunting melody has been a staple of military funerals since the Civil War, symbolizing the peaceful rest of a soldier who has served their nation with honor.

Ceremonial Folding and Presentation of the U.S. Flag

veterans funeral service

The ceremonial folding and presentation of the U.S. flag is a time-honored tradition. The flag is meticulously folded into a triangle, symbolizing the tri-cornered hats worn by colonial soldiers during the American Revolution. The folds of the flag represent important values like freedom, togetherness, and the sacrifices of our military. The folded flag is then presented to the veteran’s next of kin as a token of respect and gratitude from a grateful nation.

Honor Guard Participation

Members of the honor guard can be requested as pallbearers. If available, they will perform a rifle volley to honor the fallen veteran.

The presence of the honor guard adds a dignified and ceremonial aspect to the veterans funeral service. The rifle volley, a tradition that dates back centuries, serves as a final salute to the deceased, symbolizing respect and farewell. It is important to note that requests for an honor guard must be made in advance to ensure their availability.

Flag Draping and Final Gravesite Salute

veterans funeral services

The flag is draped over the casket during the veterans funeral service, symbolizing the veteran’s service to the country. The service often concludes with a final gravesite salute, providing a moment of solemn reflection and honor. This act of draping the flag is a visual representation of the nation’s gratitude for the veteran’s service and sacrifice, creating a moving and respectful conclusion to the ceremony.

Benefits Offered to Veterans in Colorado

Veterans in Colorado are entitled to numerous benefits that help honor their service and provide support to their families. These benefits include:

Burial Plot at a National VA Cemetery

Veterans can be buried at national VA cemeteries, such as Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver and Pikes Peak National Cemetery in Colorado Springs. These cemeteries provide a dignified final resting place for those who have served our country. The serene and beautifully maintained grounds of these cemeteries offer a place of peace and reflection for families and loved ones.

VA-Provided Grave Marker

The VA provides a grave marker to honor the veteran’s service. These markers serve as a permanent tribute to the individual’s dedication and sacrifice. Available in various styles, including headstones, markers, and medallions, these grave markers ensure that the veteran’s service and memory are preserved for future generations.

Burial Flag

A burial flag is provided to drape over the casket. This flag is later folded and presented to the next of kin as a token of appreciation and respect. The burial flag serves as a lasting reminder of the veteran’s service and the nation’s gratitude, often becoming a cherished family heirloom.

Presidential Memorial Certificate

A Presidential Memorial Certificate, signed by the current President, is provided to the family free of charge. This certificate recognizes the veteran’s service and is a meaningful keepsake for the family. It bears the signature of the sitting President and is a testament to the nation’s appreciation for the veteran’s contributions.

Additionally, financial benefits are available through the Veterans Burial Allowance. This allowance helps cover burial and funeral costs, easing the financial burden on families during their time of loss. For more information, visit the Veterans Affairs website.

Local Veterans Cemeteries in Colorado

In the Colorado Front Range, there are two national cemeteries to honor our fallen heroes:

Fort Logan National Cemetery

veterans funeral services

Located in Denver, Fort Logan National Cemetery provides a serene and respectful final resting place for veterans. The cemetery’s beautiful grounds and solemn atmosphere offer a fitting tribute to those who have served. With its meticulously maintained landscape and peaceful surroundings, Fort Logan National Cemetery stands as a testament to the nation’s gratitude and respect for its veterans.

Pikes Peak National Cemetery

Situated in Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak National Cemetery offers a tranquil and dignified setting for veterans’ burials. The cemetery’s picturesque location and carefully maintained grounds ensure a respectful and honorable burial site. Overlooking the stunning Pikes Peak and the surrounding landscape, this cemetery provides a place of solace and remembrance for families and visitors.

Our Commitment to Honoring Veterans

At Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Crematory, we are deeply committed to honoring the lives and services of our veterans. We feel it is our duty to assist families in tough times. We also aim to create a unique tribute for your deceased loved one.

Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional support throughout the funeral planning process. We understand the unique needs of military families and strive to ensure that every aspect of the veterans funeral service reflects the honor and respect that veterans deserve.

Special Offer in Honor of Our Founder

We Support Our Veterans, veterans funeral services

In honor of our founder, we offer a 10% discount on all veterans funeral services and merchandise for veterans. This discount is a small token of our appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans and a reflection of our commitment to supporting military families. Our founder believed deeply in honoring those who served, and we continue this legacy by offering this special discount. This offer not only helps ease the financial burden on families but also stands as a testament to our founder’s dedication to the veteran community.

We recognize that planning a funeral can be a challenging and emotional process, especially when honoring a loved one who served our country. Our team is here to provide guidance, support, and the highest level of care to ensure that the ceremony is both meaningful and respectful.

Contact Us

If you need more information on Veterans Funeral Services in Colorado, please do not hesitate to contact us at 720-242-6784. We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are available to answer any questions and help you navigate the process of planning a veteran’s funeral.

By choosing Malesich and Shirey, you are ensuring that your loved one receives the honor and respect they deserve. Our comprehensive services, commitment to excellence, and special discounts reflect our dedication to honoring our veterans with the dignity and respect they have earned. We are honored to serve the veteran community and their families, providing a fitting tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation.

The Right to Make Decisions & Pre-Need Agreements

In our experience, most families come together in a time of grief, and even when a loved one has not left any clear instructions or pre-need agreement, they work out the arrangements for the funeral service. Our funeral directors prefer things this way and are always available to help with making these decisions and educate you on pre-need agreements.

However, there are specific circumstances that occasionally lead to conflicts, particularly when the decedent has remarried. In such cases, the surviving spouse may want to make different arrangements than the children from a previous marriage. If this cannot be worked out, it is important to realize that it is not up to the funeral home to decide who is “right.” The funeral home cannot take sides.

The right to make final decisions about a person’s body and funeral services goes to the following people, in order:

  • A person named in a “declaration instrument” made before the death of the decedent, or
  • The personal representative or special administrator of the estate of the decedent, if one has been appointed, or
  • The surviving spouse of the decedent, unless legally separated, or
  • A person given this right by a designated beneficiary agreement by the decedent, or
  • The adult child, or a majority of the adult children of the decedent, or
  • The decedent’s parents, or
  • The decedent’s siblings, or
  • Any person who is willing to take on legal and financial responsibility for the decedent’s burial or cremation.

In Colorado, the law supports the surviving spouse’s decisions. Funeral homes must follow the wishes of the surviving spouse, even if they conflict with the children’s preferences. Any concessions made by the spouse are entirely voluntary and not legally required. Knowing this upfront may guide the direction of the discussions.

Avoiding Conflict with a Pre-Need Agreement

pre-need agreement

One effective way to avoid potential conflicts is through a pre-need agreement. By setting up a pre-need agreement, individuals can clearly document their wishes for their funeral arrangements ahead of time. This agreement outlines specific instructions and can designate the funeral home as the entity responsible for carrying out these wishes.

A pre-need agreement serves several purposes:

  • It ensures that the decedent’s exact wishes are executed as specified.
  • It alleviates the burden on family members during a difficult time, as they do not have to make challenging decisions amidst their grief.
  • It prevents disagreements among family members, especially in situations where there might be differing opinions, such as between a surviving spouse and children from a previous marriage.
  • It provides peace of mind to the decedent, knowing that their wishes will be honored.

With a pre-need agreement, the funeral home can carry out the deceased person’s wishes from their pre-planning for their funeral arrangements. This ensures that everything is done as they wanted. This not only simplifies the process for the family but also eliminates any ambiguity about the decedent’s preferences, thereby reducing the potential for conflict.

By taking advantage of a pre-need agreement, families can focus on supporting each other and honoring their loved one’s memory, rather than dealing with the stress and tension that can arise from making last-minute funeral decisions.

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Funeral Home in Colorado

Choosing the right funeral home is a pivotal decision that impacts not only the final farewell to a loved one but also the emotional well-being of those left behind.

Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Colorado Crematory, with its deep commitment to dignity, respect, and personalized service, stands as a beacon of solace and support during these times. To aid in this crucial selection process, here are ten essential questions to ask when hiring a funeral home in Colorado to guide you to meet your needs and honor your loved one’s memory.

1. What Embalming Options Do You Offer?

Embalming can be a key factor in the funeral planning process, especially if you plan for a viewing or wish to delay services. We explain our embalming services, when it’s needed or legally required, and when other options can be considered. We prioritize using techniques that respect both the deceased and environmental considerations, ensuring choices that align with family wishes and ethical standards.

2. How Do You Handle the Deceased?

The care and respect shown to the deceased from the moment they are taken into the funeral home’s care until their final disposition is paramount. Malesich and Shirey follow rigorous protocols to ensure the body is treated with the utmost respect, including during transportation, preparation, and any services or ceremonies. We are open about our practices, providing reassurance that your loved one is in compassionate hands.

3. Do You Use Third-Party Vendors for Any Services?

questions to ask when hiring a funeral home

Transparency about the use of third-party vendors is crucial, as it can affect the quality and cohesion of the services provided. We work with trusted vendors to make sure funeral or memorial services go smoothly. We carefully select partners who share their commitment to quality and service, covering needs from floral arrangements to memorial stationery.

4. What Services and Products Do You Offer?

A comprehensive understanding of the services and products available allows families to make informed decisions that align with their needs, preferences, and budget. Malesich and Shirey provide various options for honoring loved ones.

These options include different funeral choices, cremation services, memorial items, and personalized selections. Our goal is to ensure that every family can find a tribute that suits their needs. We make sure every family can find a suitable tribute.

5. How Do You Comply with Regulations?

Navigating the legal landscape of funeral and cremation services can be complex. At Malesich and Shirey, we are well-versed in Colorado’s regulations and federal laws, ensuring that all services are compliant while also informing families about how these regulations may influence their decisions. This compliance ensures that every aspect of the funeral or cremation service meets the highest standards of legality and ethics.

6. Can You Accommodate Special Requests?

Untitled design 6

Every individual is unique, and many families wish to honor their loved one in a way that reflects their personality, beliefs, and life’s passions. We are dedicated to meeting special requests, like including cultural or religious practices, eco-friendly choices, or personalized memorials. We show our flexibility and commitment to customizing services to honor the life and legacy of the deceased.

7. What Is Your Policy on Pre-Planning Services?

Pre-planning a funeral or cremation service can alleviate the emotional and financial burden on families during a time of loss. We offer detailed pre-planning services, allowing individuals to outline their wishes in advance. This foresight not only ensures that one’s final wishes are respected but also provides peace of mind to family members, knowing that arrangements are in place.

8. How Transparent Are Your Pricing and Policies?

In times of grief, financial transparency, and clear policies are essential to avoid any added stress. We pride ourselves on their upfront pricing and clear communication about policies. We provide detailed breakdowns of costs and services, ensuring families understand what they are choosing and why, with no hidden fees or surprises.

9. What Support Services Do You Provide for Grieving Families?

family-owned funeral home

The support provided by a funeral home should not end with the service. We extend their care beyond the funeral, offering resources and support for grief and bereavement. We understand that healing begins with compassion and support, providing referrals for counseling and support groups, and offering guidance on navigating the difficult days ahead.

10. How Do You Personalize a Funeral Service?

questions to ask when hiring a funeral home

A personalized funeral service can be a healing experience, allowing families and friends to celebrate the unique life of their loved one. We specialize in crafting services that are as unique as the individual being honored. From selecting the perfect music and readings to creating video tributes and photo displays, they ensure each service is a heartfelt tribute to the deceased.

Conclusion on Questions to Ask When Hiring a Funeral Home

In your search for a funeral home in Colorado, these are 10 questions to ask when hiring a funeral home to help guide you toward a service that respects, honors, and celebrates the life of your loved one. At Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Colorado Crematory, we provide high-quality funeral care. We offer transparent, caring, and personalized services to assist families during their time of loss. Our dedication to dignity, respect, and personalization makes them a distinguished choice for those seeking to honor your loved ones with the care and reverence they deserve.

Embalming 101 – What You Need to Know

In the solemn journey of bidding farewell to a loved one, understanding the various aspects of funeral preparations, such as embalming, can provide a sense of control and comfort. Embalming preserves dignity and comforts mourners in funeral arrangements. This guide aims to demystify embalming, helping families make informed decisions during these challenging times.

Understanding Embalming

Embalming is a professional process of preserving a deceased body, typically performed in funeral homes. It involves chemically treating the body to delay decomposition, making it suitable for public viewing and providing more time for funeral services.

The Embalming Process Detailed

  1. Sanitization and Preparation: The process begins with a thorough cleaning, ensuring a dignified and respectful treatment of the body.
  2. Arterial Embalming: Specialized fluids are injected into the arterial system, replacing bodily fluids to preserve the body.
  3. Cavity Embalming: This step focuses on treating internal body cavities to prevent the accumulation of gases and fluids.
  4. Cosmetic and Restorative Work: Following the process, the body undergoes cosmetic preparations, including dressing and styling, to ensure a natural and peaceful appearance.

The Benefits of Embalming

  1. Preservation for Viewing: It preserves the body, allowing family and friends to view their loved one and say their final goodbyes in a respectful setting.
  2. Hygiene and Safety: The process sanitizes the body, making it safer for those who wish to pay their respects.
  3. Extended Time for Arrangements: It provides families with additional time to plan and hold funeral services, especially important when gathering relatives from distant locations.

Important Considerations

  1. Cultural and Religious Views: It should align with the deceased’s cultural and religious beliefs.
  2. Legal Aspects: Some jurisdictions may require this under certain circumstances, such as when transporting the body across state lines.
  3. Personal Preferences: The decision should ultimately reflect the wishes of the deceased and their family.

Alternatives to Embalming

For families looking for different options, alternatives include refrigeration or natural burial practices that avoid the use of chemicals.

Why Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Colorado Crematory is the Premier Choice for Embalming


Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Colorado Crematory is distinguished for its embalming services due to:

  1. Professional Expertise: We are highly trained and experienced, ensuring that every procedure is conducted with technical excellence and the utmost respect.
  2. Advanced Facilities: Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring that we provide the highest standard of service.
  3. Personalized Care: We understand that every individual and family is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and wishes.
  4. Transparent and Compassionate Communication: We believe in keeping families informed with honesty and sensitivity, guiding them through each step of the process.
  5. Commitment to Respect and Dignity: Upholding the dignity of the deceased is our utmost priority, and we handle every aspect of the process with the highest degree of care and respect.

Malesich and Shirey’s Unique Approach

At Malesich and Shirey, we go beyond the standard services:

  • Collaboration with Families: We work closely with families to understand their needs and provide support throughout the funeral planning process.
  • Attention to Detail: Our team pays meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that the appearance of your loved one is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.
  • Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing support and guidance to families during and after the funeral services, understanding that grief does not end with the funeral.


Embalming is a profound aspect of funeral services, offering preservation, safety, and time for families to grieve and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Understanding the process helps in making a choice that honors the memory of the deceased. Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Colorado Crematory, with its professional expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to dignity, stands as the exemplary choice for families seeking embalming services in their time of need.

Navigating Funeral Regulations in Colorado

In Colorado, where the beauty of the Rocky Mountains meets the serenity of the Great Plains, dealing with the loss of a loved one can be an emotional journey. As a family-owned funeral home and crematory in this beautiful state, we understand the importance of navigating the complexities of funeral regulations in Colorado. This guide aims to provide clarity and support to families during these challenging times, ensuring that the process of honoring their loved ones is both respectful and compliant with state laws.

Understanding Funeral Regulations in Colorado

Funeral regulations are essential for ensuring that the rights and wishes of the deceased and their families are honored. In Colorado, these regulations cover various aspects of funeral planning and execution, including:

  • Permits and Documentation: Colorado law requires specific permits and documentation for both burial and cremation. These include death certificates and permits for burial or cremation, which we assist families in obtaining.
  • Cremation Process: As a crematory, we adhere to stringent state regulations regarding the cremation process. This includes the mandatory waiting period before cremation and the necessary authorizations.
  • Environmental Considerations: Colorado’s laws also encompass environmental regulations, particularly relevant to traditional burials and cremations. We ensure all practices are eco-friendly and respectful of Colorado’s natural landscape.

Our Services: Compassionate and Compliant

At Malesich & Shirey, we are committed to providing services that not only comply with Colorado’s funeral regulations but also honor the unique wishes of each family. Our services include:

funeral regulations
  • Personalized Funeral Arrangements: We understand the importance of personal touches in memorial services. Our team is dedicated to creating a respectful and meaningful experience that reflects the life and values of your loved one.
  • Cremation Services: We offer cremation services that respect both the emotional needs of the family and the legal requirements of the state. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a dignified cremation process.
  • Support and Guidance: Navigating funeral regulations can be overwhelming. Our experienced staff provides guidance throughout the process, ensuring all legal requirements are met without adding stress to the grieving family.

Why Choose a Family-Owned Funeral Home in Colorado?

Choosing a family-owned funeral home in Colorado means receiving care and support from a team that understands the value of family and community. We bring a personal touch to every service, ensuring that your loved one’s farewell is handled with the utmost respect and dignity. Our deep understanding of local customs and regulations makes us a reliable choice for families during their time of need.


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, but understanding and complying with funeral regulations in Colorado is crucial. Malesich & Shirey are here to provide the support, guidance, and services needed to navigate these regulations with ease and peace of mind. We honor your loved one’s memory while ensuring all legal aspects are carefully managed.

For more information on funeral regulations in Colorado and how we can assist you, please contact us. We are here to support you through this difficult time with compassionate care and professional service.

Compassion in Farewells: Family-Owned Funeral Homes & ‘The Burial’

The journey of bidding farewell to a loved one is a deeply personal and emotional experience. In these trying times, the support and guidance offered by a family-owned funeral home can make a significant difference. Much like the recent poignant film ‘The Burial’, this article explores the contrasting experiences offered by family-owned vs. bank-owned funeral homes and underscores the importance of a personalized touch.

A Tale from ‘The Burial’

‘The Burial’ takes audiences on an emotional journey, narrating the story of a family navigating the complexities of laying their loved one to rest. The movie beautifully illustrates the significance of personalized care and attention to detail during such a difficult time. It emphasizes the soul and connection a family-owned funeral service brings to a solemn event.

Family-Owned Funeral Homes: A Tradition of Care

Family-owned funeral homes, much like the one depicted in ‘The Burial’, often have a rich history within a community. These places are often handed down through generations, keeping care, knowledge, and understanding for families in difficult times. Their services are characterized by a personal touch, empathy, and a deep understanding of the traditions and values of the community they serve.

Bank-Owned Funeral Homes: A Corporate Approach

On the other hand, bank-owned or corporate funeral homes often operate on a larger scale. While they may offer a variety of services and streamlined processes, the personal connection can sometimes take a backseat. The focus on efficiency and standardization may not provide the personalized approach that grieving families often want.

Why Choose a Family-Owned Funeral Home?

family-owned funeral home

1. Personalized Services: Family-owned funeral homes take the time to understand and cater to the unique wishes and needs of each grieving family. Every detail, from the choice of flowers to the music played during the service, is thoughtfully considered.

2. Community Connection: With deep roots in the community, family-owned funeral homes understand the local customs, traditions, and preferences. They are not just service providers but an integral part of the community fabric.

3. Continuity of Care: Family-owned establishments often ensure that you are guided by the same compassionate professional throughout the process, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity.

4. Emotional Support: Given their intimate scale, family-owned funeral homes can offer a higher degree of emotional support, helping families navigate through grief with grace.

Finding the Right Balance

‘The Burial’ shows the importance of finding a funeral home that is both professional and caring towards families. By opting for a family-owned funeral home, families can often find solace in knowing that their loved ones are cared for with genuine empathy and respect.


In times of grief, the support system around a family becomes their pillar of strength. A family-owned funeral home, much like the one portrayed in ‘The Burial’, offers not just services, but a comforting presence that can ease the journey of saying goodbye. By choosing Malesich and Shirey, you’re ensuring a compassionate, personalized, and deeply connected experience that honors your loved ones in the most respectful manner.

Embracing Green Solutions: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Farewells

The growing understanding of protecting the environment has connected with different parts of human life, like saying goodbye to loved ones. As societies become more eco-conscious, the demand for green solutions within funeral services has seen a significant rise.

Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home is leading the way by providing many eco-friendly options for funerals instead of traditional practices. These green solutions resonate with the ethos of honoring the departed while contributing to ecological sustainability.

We explore new environmentally friendly ways to bid farewell. These include Parting Stones, tree burials, and biodegradable urns. These alternatives are revolutionizing the way we say our last goodbyes.

Parting Stones

green solutions: parting stones

In the realm of eco-friendly memorialization, Parting Stones have carved a distinctive niche. This novel solution involves a meticulous process that transforms cremated remains into solid memorial stones. Unlike the age-old practices of ash scattering or storing in urns, Parting Stones provide a lasting, tangible remembrance that adheres to eco-friendly green solutions principles. Turning ashes into stones provides a way to feel connected to the deceased and has a minimal impact on the environment.

At Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home, we facilitate this transformation, providing a serene, eco-conscious alternative to conventional ash-handling methods. Our adept professionals ensure a seamless process, resulting in a memorial stone that stands as an enduring testament to your loved one’s life.

Tree Burials Green Solutions

The symbolism intertwined with tree burials offers a poetic homage to the cyclical nature of existence. This unique burial method encapsulates the remains of the departed within a bio urn, which in turn nurtures a young tree. This ethos of returning to nature’s embrace embodies a profound message of life transitioning into a new form. The grieving families find a semblance of solace visiting a living, breathing tribute, an epitaph in foliage that continues to grow, symbolizing resilience and continuity.

Living Urn

Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home collaborates with natural burial grounds and provides meticulous guidance through the journey of this green solution farewell. Our services turn saying goodbye into a positive decision, combining grief with hope and leaving a lasting impact.

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable Urn

Biodegradable urns present a harmonious blend of traditionalism and modern eco-awareness. These urns are meticulously crafted from organic materials such as paper, salt, or plant fibers, designed to dissolve naturally over time when nestled in earth or water. This natural disintegration symbolizes a gentle return to nature, devoid of any environmental detriment. The variety in designs and materials ensures that the choice remains personal and dignified, akin to conventional urns.

At Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home, we have many green solutions and eco-friendly urns that combine personalization and respect. Our collection ensures that every family finds a fitting tribute that resonates with their ecological values while paying homage to their loved ones.

In short, funeral homes are adopting eco-friendly green solutions to honor the deceased and protect the environment. The choice of green farewells like Parting Stones, tree burials, or biodegradable urns paves the way for respectful, heartfelt goodbyes that also echo a pledge towards preserving the planet for ensuing generations.

Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home stands at the helm of this noble endeavor, offering these green solutions alongside empathetic guidance. Reach out to us and explore the myriad ways to honor your loved ones, ensuring their memory blossoms through meaningful and sustainable commemorations.

Your Reliable Funeral and Death Services Partner in Colorado

At Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Crematory, we understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences you can face. As Colorado’s leading funeral and death service provider, we’re dedicated to helping families in Arvada, Longmont, Boulder, Westminster, Golden, Denver, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, and surrounding areas navigate through this challenging time.

Our expertise and empathy set us apart. From initial contact to the final farewell, we’re committed to delivering compassionate, respectful, and personalized service to each family we serve.

Exceptional Funeral and Death Services

When it comes to providing dignified funeral services, Malesich and Shirey stand out in Colorado. Our years of experience in managing funeral arrangements ensure that your loved one’s memory is honored in the best way possible.

We offer a full range of funeral and death services, including traditional funerals, graveside services, cremations, and celebrations of life. Our funeral directors work closely with families to design services that honor their loved ones according to their wishes and traditions.

Serving Communities across Colorado

We’re proud to serve the residents of Longmont, Boulder, Westminster, Golden, Denver, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, and surrounding areas. We understand the uniqueness of each community and tailor our services to meet their specific needs.

Whether you’re in downtown Denver or the quieter parts of Wheat Ridge, you can count on Malesich and Shirey to provide timely, respectful, and dedicated funeral and death services right at your doorstep.

Expert Guidance in Difficult Times

At Malesich and Shirey, we believe in walking with you every step of the way. Our experienced staff is always on hand to guide you through the planning process, providing professional advice and emotional support when you need it the most.

We assist with everything, from choosing the right funeral service package to managing paperwork, offering grief support, and addressing any questions or concerns you might have.

Trust Malesich and Shirey with Your Funeral and Death Service Needs

When dealing with loss, you need a partner who understands your grief and respects your loved one’s memory. Malesich and Shirey Funeral Home and Crematory is that partner for families in Longmont, Boulder, Westminster, Golden, Denver, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, and surrounding Colorado areas.

We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more about how we can support you during these challenging times. With Malesich and Shirey by your side, you can find peace of mind knowing your loved one’s final farewell is in good hands.

The Importance of Memorial Services

Rituals are staples within the course of human life, even non-religious ones. We celebrate birthdays,
Holidays, Weddings. We even celebrate the weekend. Rituals ground us; they give us, as humans, a time to bond. With these opportunities to connect, grow, and heal, it is no wonder that memorials, more specifically funeral services have transformed into such intricate rituals that are essential to the human experience.

importance of funeral service

Throughout history, the “funeral service” has been used to help compartmentalize the reality of loss.
Historians have found evidence of funeral services at hominid species at burial sites going back as far as
300,000 years ago (1). Many animals, such as elephants, dolphins, primates, and even some bird species
have been observed to mourn their dead and even practice burial rituals (2). This goes to show that
mourning is an important part of the grieving process and, even at the most primitive and animalistic,
gives us as creatures of this earth a way to say goodbye.


Party Picnic

The world will continue to revolve, and people will go about their days not knowing that you have lost a loved one. It may take a while to come to the realization that, after a loss, we will also need to return to going about our daily lives. Before this, it is important to take the time to slow down and remember the loss, especially when the world has trained us to keep moving.

A funeral service sets time aside specifically for mourning. It allows us to pause and have others pause with us. To put all other worries aside for just one moment, together, to start to heal and reconnect.


Celebration 1

The best way to remember our loved one is through the sharing of memories. Memories can be so powerful. They bring with them emotions you may not even realize you can feel at the time; a
smile, a laugh, comfort. Being able to bring people together to share those memories not only gives us
the opportunity to recall events that we may have forgotten, but it also provides the opportunity to hear
untold stories from family and friends. To hear a story about a parent’s childhood, perhaps from a
distant relative or friend, can be a wonderful and heart-warming experience. A memorial service creates a place and time where people can come together to share these memories.


Hugging Candle

Many times, family and friends will see a loved one who has suffered a loss and be unsure on how to approach them to offer aid. They may want to help but can never find the appropriate time to do so. This is also very common on the reverse side. We may be hesitant to ask for help when we suffer a loss. Be it from pride, fear, or doubt, letting others know when you need help can be difficult. A funeral service gives friends and family a time and place to offer their aid. That support and aid can take many shapes: donation, emotional, or physical support. Memorials, Funerals, and Celebrations of Life
have the means of providing many of the supports that help with the grieving process.


During a funeral service, it is common to talk about a loved one’s life. From birth to school, from
school to work, from work to family, these events make us who we are as human beings. Funeral services give family and friends an opportunity to attribute these life events and contributions into purpose and meaning. The memories that we have and the stories that we share let us know that the life that was lived, was lived well.


Many religions view a funeral service as a way to get closer to their creator and join them in
the afterlife. Moreover, some faiths view a funeral as necessary in order to move on from this world to
the next. Memorials give us the opportunity to come to terms with the loss that we have experienced.
They help us process that our loss is real and that those that we love have moved on to something

“How do you deal with the death of a great person who doesn’t believe in Heaven? You want to know
that they went to a better place if there is none?”
“Well, if they were truly great, then the world is a little worse off without them. So technically, they are
in a better place by default.” -Kris Wilson

Family-Owned Funeral Home vs Bank-Owned

In a time of grief and loss, the warmth, comfort, and familiarity of a family-owned funeral home can be invaluable. Malesich & Shirey, a trusted name in funeral services, epitomizes the distinctive advantages that come with opting for a family-owned establishment over a bank-owned entity. Below, we shed light on the unmatched benefits of choosing a family-run funeral home and why it often emerges as the more compassionate and personalized choice.

1. Personalized Service and Genuine Empathy

Family-owned funeral homes, like Malesich & Shirey, have been passed down through generations, carrying with them the legacy, traditions, and values that the founding members instilled. When you walk through their doors, you’re not just another client; you’re an extension of their family. This bond ensures you receive personalized services tailored to your unique needs and preferences. A bank-owned funeral home, driven primarily by profits, may not provide the same depth of personal attention.

2. Deep-rooted Community Ties

Families behind establishments like Malesich & Shirey have often lived in the community for decades, if not longer. Their long-standing presence fosters a deep understanding of local traditions, cultures, and customs. Such familiarity ensures that the funeral rites and ceremonies are both respectful and relevant to the bereaved family’s background. When looking for funeral homes, you’ll find that Malesich & Shirey is one of the few family-owned operations in Colorado.

3. Flexibility in Services

family-owned funeral home

The corporate structure of bank-owned funeral homes can sometimes be restrictive, adhering strictly to set packages and services. In contrast, family-owned homes are more adaptable. They understand that every individual and family is unique, and thus, they are more willing to accommodate special requests, ceremonies, or traditions that hold sentimental value.

4. Transparent Pricing

Being community-centric, family-owned funeral homes prioritize transparency and honesty in their dealings. Malesich & Shirey, for instance, values the trust families place in them, ensuring clear and upfront pricing without any hidden fees. Bank-owned establishments, on the other hand, might have multiple layers of management and stakeholders to satisfy, potentially leading to less clarity in their pricing structures.

5. Continuity and Familiar Faces of a Family-Owned Funeral Home

One of the comforting aspects of family-owned funeral homes is the consistency in staff. Every time you interact with Malesich & Shirey, you’re likely to see familiar faces, individuals who remember your family’s history, and past interactions. This continuity offers a sense of comfort and trust, something that’s crucial during trying times.

6. Preservation of Traditions

Family-owned homes are often keepers of time-honored traditions. They remember how services were conducted for your grandparents, parents, or other family members and can replicate or adapt them as per current needs. This respect for history and tradition provides a sense of continuity and respect for the departed.

7. No Involvement of Third Parties

family-owned funeral home

One of the profound assurances that Malesich & Shirey provides is the commitment to keeping your loved one within their care throughout the entire process. Unlike other establishments that might involve third parties for various services, Malesich & Shirey ensures that a client’s body never leaves our care. This direct care not only guarantees the utmost respect and dignity for the departed but also offers peace of mind to families, knowing that their loved ones are in safe, compassionate hands at all times.

8. Quick Decision Making

The absence of a sprawling corporate hierarchy in family-owned establishments ensures quicker decisions. Whether it’s a last-minute change in arrangements or an urgent request, establishments like Malesich & Shirey can respond promptly, making the entire process smoother and less stressful.

The Drawbacks of Bank-Owned Funeral Homes

While bank-owned funeral homes have their advantages, there are certain drawbacks worth considering:

  • Profit Driven: The primary goal of bank-owned funeral homes often centers on profit margins, potentially compromising the personal touch and individualized care.
  • Less Personalization: Corporate structures can be rigid, leading to standardized services that might not cater to individual needs or special requests.
  • Impersonal Interactions: Larger, bank-owned entities may lack the familiar faces and personal relationships that family-run establishments boast, potentially making interactions feel cold or transactional.
  • Potential for Hidden Costs: The commercial nature of bank-owned funeral homes may lead to hidden costs or fees that aren’t immediately transparent.

In Conclusion

The choice of a funeral home is deeply personal. While both family-owned and bank-owned funeral homes have their place in the industry, the former offers an unparalleled blend of personalization, empathy, and community-centric values. Malesich & Shirey stands as a testament to the myriad benefits of choosing a family-owned funeral home, ensuring that in your hour of need, you are treated with the warmth, respect, and compassion that only a family can provide. When looking at funeral home options, don’t hesitate to ask if they are family or bank-owned, and ensure that your loved one is given the best possible care.